Waxing (phd)

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Eyebrow Wax – £9.00

Gives a nice smooth finish to the eyebrow area. 15mins (price is from £9)

Lip and Chin Wax – £14.00

Upper lip and chin wax. 15mins

Lip wax – £9.00

Upper lip wax. 15mins

Chin Wax – £9.00

Removal of unwanted hair from chin area. 15mins

Half Leg Wax – £18.00

From knee to ankle. 30mins

Half Leg & Bikini Wax – £28.00

From knee to ankle and bikini area. 45mins

Full Leg Wax – £29.00

From thigh to ankle. 1hr

Full Leg & Bikini Wax – £39.00

From thigh to ankle and bikini area. 1hour

Underarm Wax – £12.00

Hair removal for underarms. 15mins

Forearm Wax – £12.00

Removal of hair from forearms. 30mins

Bikini Wax (Tidy) – £14.00

A tidy of bikini line. 15mins

Bikini wax (extended) – From £15.00

For those of you wanting a little more off. 30mins



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