Lava Shell Warming Back Massage – Fantastic for soothing aches 

The Warming Lava Shells Back Massage uses a gentle heat in porcelain shells in conjunction with your therapist’s hands to promote a feeling of relaxation and improve wellbeing.

Benefits of Heat from Lava Shells

  • Eases tension in the muscles.
  • Relief of painful arthritic joints.
  • Removes toxins.

What differentiates a Lava Shell treatment from a hot stone treatment?

Lava shells have many unique qualities over hot stones, predominantly the continuous heat the shells emit for over an hour, thereby enabling the therapist to deliver a deeper, more relaxing treatment as they have continuous touch time with the client. Unlike stones the temperature of the shells stabilises as they are worked with and re-heat when rested, this means that the therapist is able to manage the temperature and offer a totally bespoke treatment to suit each and every client.

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